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61B2(BALDWIN OF FORDE) Baldwin of Forde - Archbishop of Canterbury 1 artwork.
61B2(CARACTACUS) Caractacus - early British king 1 artwork.
61B2(EDWARD THE BLACK PRINCE) Edward the Black Prince, Prince of Wales (1330-1376) 1 artwork.
61B2(GERALD OF WALES) Gerald of Wales (Giraldus Cambrensis) 1 artwork.
61B2(GIROLAMO SAVONAROLA) Girolamo Savonarola 1 artwork.
61B2(HENRY DE GOWER) Bishop Henry de Gower 1 artwork.
61B2(HENRY PARRY LIDDON) Henry Parry Liddon - Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral 1 artwork.
61B2(HENRY V) King Henry V of England 1 artwork.
61B2(HUGH LATIMER) Bishop Hugh Latimer 1 artwork.
61B2(JOHN ELIAS) John Elias 2 artworks.
61B2(JOHN ROBERTS) John Roberts 1 artwork.
61B2(LEWIS EDWARDS) Lewis Edwards 1 artwork.
61B2(LOUIS IX) Louis IX of France, St Louis 2 artworks.
61B2(PABO) Pabo, early British king 1 artwork.
61B2(RHYS PRICHARD) Rhys Prichard 1 artwork.
61B2(THOMAS BURGESS) Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St Davids 1 artwork.
61B2(VENERABLE BEDE) the Venerable Bede 1 artwork.
61B2(WILLIAM MORGAN) William Morgan 2 artworks.
61B2(WILLIAM SALESBURY) William Salesbury 1 artwork.
61B2(WILLIAM WILLIAMS PANTYCELYN) William Williams, Pantycelyn 2 artworks.

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