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0 Abstract, Non-representational Art
1 Religion and Magic
11 Christian religion
11B the Holy Trinity, 'Trinitas coelestis'; Father, Son and Holy Ghost ~ Christian religion
11B1 Trinity represented by tripartite symbols
11B3 Holy Trinity in which one, two or all figures are represented in human shape
11C God the Father
11C1 symbols of God the Father
11C2 God the Father represented as human being, usually with crown or tiara or sceptre and/or globe
11D Christ
11D1 symbols and prefigurations of Christ
11D2 Christ as child or youth (in general) ~ Christian religion
11D3 Christ as adult
11D4 legends and devotions ~ Christ
11E the Holy Ghost
11E1 Holy Ghost represented as a dove (in flames)
11E3 Holy Ghost represented in human shape
11E4 Holy Ghost represented otherwise, e.g. ray(s) of light
11E5 the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost
11F the Virgin Mary
11F1 symbols and prefigurations of Mary
11F2 Mary (without the Christ-child)
11F3 Mary (without Christ-child), together with others
11F4 Madonna: i.e. Mary with the Christ-child
11F7 specific aspects ~ Madonna-representations (N.B. secondary notations only)
11F8 miracles, appearances, and legends ~ Mary
11F9 Mary devotion
11G angels
11G1 the nine choirs of angels, hierarchy of angels
11G3 angels fighting
11H saints
11HH female saints
11I prophets, sibyls, evangelists, Doctors of the Church; persons ~ the Bible (not in biblical context)
11I1 groups of prophets, usually holding books or scrolls (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi)
11I3 the twelve apostles (as a group), usually with books or scrolls (not in biblical context)
11I4 evangelists, usually with books or scrolls (not in biblical context)
11I5 Doctors (Fathers) of the Church
11I6 persons from the Old Testament (not in biblical context, nor occurring in legendary/historical extensions included in Division 71)
11I7 persons from the New Testament (not in biblical context)
11L Christian doctrine
11L2 the ten commandments (Exodus 20:3-17)
11M 'Sapientia' and the Seven Virtues, i.e. the Three Theological and the Four Cardinal Virtues
11M3 the Three Theological Virtues
11M4 the Four Cardinal Virtues
11P the Church (as institution)
11P1 allegorical and symbolical representations ~ the Church and Religion
11P4 representants of the Church (Christians in general, laymen, monks, etc.) in strife with each other or with opponents
11Q the worship of God
11Q2 (private) prayer; 'Oratione', 'Preghiere', 'Preghiere a Dio' (Ripa)
11Q5 private worship and religious study
11Q6 pious customs
11Q7 public worship and liturgy of the Christian churches
11S heaven, celestial paradise, New Earth
11S1 representations of celestial paradise (and its inhabitants)
11T hell and purgatory
11T1 representations of hell (with the damned and devils), usually with burning fires
11U Last Judgement
11U1 comprehensive representation of Last Judgement: Christ (with sword and lily), often surrounded by elders and sometimes accompanied by Mary and John the Baptist, appears in the sky with trumpeting angels (and sometimes angels holding the instruments of the Passion); after the resurrection of the dead the blessed are led to heaven by angels, and the damned are dragged into hell by devils
11U2 separate scenes ~ Last Judgement
11U6 the second coming of Christ
11V the (seven) Acts of Mercy
11V1 feeding the hungry, 'esuriens cibatur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy
11V2 giving the thirsty to drink, 'sitiens potatur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy
11V4 clothing the naked, 'nudus vestitur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy
11V5 visiting the sick, 'aeger curatur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy
11V6 visiting or liberating the imprisoned, 'incarceratus solatur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy
12 non-Christian religions (including institutions, customs and antiquities)
12A Jewish religion and culture
12A3 religious practices, worship, liturgy ~ Jewish religion
12A4 Tabernacle, Temple, Synagogue, and other sanctuaries ~ Jewish religion
12A5 Jewish spiritual leaders and divisions, religious functionaries
12A6 Jewish festivals, feasts and holidays (including liturgy, ceremonies, rites and customs)
12A8 symbols, religious and magic concepts, occupations, fashions, realities, general ideas ~ Judaism and Jewry
2 Nature
21 the four elements, and ether, the fifth element
21D water (one of the four elements)
23 time
23D seasons of the year (esp. personifications); 'Stagione', 'Le quattro stagione dell'anno' (Ripa)
23U chronology
23U2 (instruments for) measurement of time
24 the heavens (celestial bodies)
24A sun as celestial body
24B moon as celestial body
24D stars
25 earth, world as celestial body
25A maps, atlases
25A1 map of the world
25D rock types; minerals and metals; soil types
25D3 mining
25F animals
25F2 mammals
25F3 birds
25F4 reptiles
25F5 amphibians
25F6 fishes
25F7 lower animals
25FF fabulous animals (sometimes wrongly called 'grotesques'); 'Mostri' (Ripa)
25G plants; vegetation
25G2 products of plants in general
25G3 trees
25G4 plants and herbs
25H landscapes
25H1 landscapes in the temperate zone
25H2 landscapes with waters, waterscapes, seascapes (in the temperate zone)
25I city-view, and landscape with man-made constructions
25I1 city-view in general; 'veduta'
25I5 landscape with tower or castle
25K landscapes in the non-temperate zone, exotic landscapes
25K1 landscapes in tropical and sub-tropical regions
26 meteorological phenomena
26B rain
26B2 rainbow
26D frost, freezing weather
26D2 hail
3 Human Being, Man in General
31 man in a general biological sense
31A the (nude) human figure; 'Corpo humano' (Ripa)
31A2 anatomy (non-medical)
31D human life and its ages (young, adult, old, etc.)
31D1 the ages of man
31G the soul
31G3 the soul after death
34 man and animal
34B domestic animals, kept in and outside the house
34B1 domestic animals, kept in the house
4 Society, Civilization, Culture
41 material aspects of daily life
41A housing
41A3 parts (of house or building)
41B heating and lighting
41B3 lighting; lamps
41D fashion, clothing
41D2 clothes, costume
42 family, descendance
42A procreation, birth and (early) youth
42A3 mother and baby or young child
42G family, relationship, descent
42G2 family relationships (first, second, third and fourth degree), generations
43 recreation, amusement
43C sports, games and physical performances
44 state; law; political life
44B government, the State; 'Politica', 'Auttorità o Potestà' (Ripa)
44B1 ruler, sovereign
45 warfare; military affairs
45A war and peace
45A1 war
45B the soldier; the soldier's life
45C (military) equipment and supply
45C1 weapons
45C2 military clothing and other equipment (uniforms, cap, armour, helmet, etc.)
46 social and economic life, transport and communication
46A communal life
46A5 linguistic communication
46B trade, commerce and finance
46B3 auxiliary means and methods in trade and finance
46C traffic and transport
46C1 traffic on land
46C2 traffic on the water
47 crafts and industries
47I agriculture, cattle-breeding, horticulture, flowerculture, etc.
47I1 agriculture
47I2 cattle-breeding, livestock industry
47I4 fruit culture
47K commercial fishery
47K4 making of fishing nets
48 art
48C the arts; artists
48C7 music
49 education, science and learning
49B scholastic education, tuition
49G medicine, medical science
49G4 hospital
49L writing and letters
49L7 handwriting, written text
49M production of printed matter, book-production
49M3 printed matter
5 Abstract Ideas and Concepts
52 Reasoning and Formation of Ideas
52A Intelligence and Intellectual Faculties
52A6 Truth; 'Verità' (Ripa)
54 Process of Action
54A State of Being while Doing
54A4 Calmness, Equanimity, Imperturbability
54A8 Courage, Bravery, Valiance, Manliness; 'Ardire magnanimo et generoso', 'Gagliardezza', 'Valore', 'Virtù heroica', 'Virtù dell'animo e del corpo' (Ripa)
57 Morality
57A Good and Bad Behaviour, Moral Qualities
57A6 Virtuousness; 'Amor di Virtù', 'Attione virtuosa', 'Guida sicura de' veri honori', 'Virtù', 'Virtù insuperabile' (Ripa)
57A7 Benevolence, Beneficence; 'Beneficio', 'Benevolenza o Affettione' (Ripa)
6 History
61 historical events and situations; historical persons
61A historical events and situations
61B historical persons (portraits and scenes from the life)
61B2 historical persons
61BB historical persons (portraits and scenes from the life) - BB - woman
61E names of cities and villages
61F names of historical buildings, sites, streets, etc.
7 Bible
71 Old Testament
71A Genesis from the creation to the expulsion from paradise, and later years of Adam and Eve
71A1 'In the beginning ...' the ordering of chaos (Genesis 1:1-2)
71A2 the six days of creation (Genesis 1:3-25)
71A3 creation of man; the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:26 - 2)
71A4 Temptation and Fall (Genesis 3:1-7)
71A5 Temptation and Fall: Adam and Eve in paradise (after the Fall) (Genesis 3:8-21)
71A6 expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise (Genesis 3:22-24)
71A8 the story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:3-17)
71B Genesis from the descendants of Cain and Seth to Abraham
71B2 the descendants of Seth (Genesis 4:26, 5:9-32)
71B3 story of Noah
71B4 story of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9)
71C Genesis: the patriarchs
71C1 story of Abraham
71C2 story of Isaac
71C3 story of Jacob
71D Genesis: the story of Joseph
71D1 story of Joseph (part I)
71D2 story of Joseph (part II)
71E Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua: from the bondage of the Israelites in Egypt to their settlement in Canaan
71E1 the book Exodus: story of Moses and Aaron
71E3 Numbers: the wandering in the wilderness, the Israelites leave Mount Sinai and reach Canaan
71E5 the book of Joshua (Josue)
71F the time of the Judges
71F2 Judges 6-12
71F3 the time of Samson ~ the book of Judges
71F6 the story of Ruth, the Moabitess
71F8 story of Samuel
71G story of Saul
71H story of David
71H1 David as a young man at Saul's court
71H2 David's wanderings
71H3 story of Saul's death
71H5 the consolidation of David's kingship (2 Samuel 5, 8-10, 21-24)
71H9 David's last days (1 Kings 1-2; 1 Chronicles 28-29)
71I story of Solomon
71I3 Solomon's wisdom
71I4 trade and building activities of Solomon
71L the divided kingdom: story of the Southern Kingdom (Judah)
71L3 story of the kings and kingdom of Judah (part III)
71M story of Elijah (Elias)
71M1 Elijah at the brook Cherith (1 Kings 17:1-6)
71M2 Elijah and the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:7-24)
71M3 Elijah meets Ahab again (1 Kings 18:1-19)
71M4 Elijah defies the priests of Baal; the end of the drought (1 Kings 18:20-46)
71M5 Elijah and the angel; Elijah on Mount Horeb (1 Kings 19:1-18)
71M8 the ascension of Elijah (2 Kings 2:1-18)
71N story of Elisha (Eliseus)
71N1 seven miracles of assistance ~ story of Elisha (Eliseus)
71N2 the cursing of the children: when Elisha is on his way some children mock him for his baldness; Elisha curses them (2 Kings 2:23-25)
71O prophets (before and during the Babylonian Captivity)
71O3 the book of Isaiah
71O7 the book of Jeremiah
71O9 the book of Ezekiel
71P the story of the prophet Daniel; his visions and prophecies
71P1 Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar
71P3 Daniel and King Darius (Daniel 6)
71P4 additions to the story of Daniel
71R the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esdras
71R1 return from the Babylonian Captivity
71T the book of Tobit
71T5 the journey to Ecbatana (Tobit 4-6)
71U the book of Judith
71U4 Judith and Holofernes (Judith 8-16)
71V the book of Jonah
71V1 Jonah's call and disobedience (Jonah 1)
71V2 Jonah in the fish's belly (Jonah 2:1 - 3:2)
71W the book of Job
71W5 Job on the dunghill (Job 2:7-13)
71X the lyric books: Psalms and Song of Solomon
71X1 the book of Psalms
71X2 Song of Solomon, Song of Songs
71Y the books of Wisdom
71Y1 the book of Proverbs
73 New Testament
73A (scenes from the life of) John the Baptist and Mary
73A1 story of the birth and youth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25, 1:57-80)
73A2 ancestors and parents of Christ
73A3 birth and youth of Mary
73A4 Mary and Joseph
73A5 the announcement of Christ's birth (Luke 1:26-38)
73A6 Visitation (possibly Joseph and/or Zacharias present) (Luke 1:39-56)
73B birth and youth of Christ
73B1 story of the birth of Christ (Luke 2:1-20)
73B2 adoration of the Christ-child ~ Christ's birth
73B3 circumcision of the Christ-child by the priest in the temple (Luke 2:21)
73B4 presentation of the Christ-child in the temple, usually Simeon (and Anna) present (Luke 2:22-39)
73B5 the story of the three Wise Men (kings or Magi) (Matthew 2:1-12)
73B6 the massacre of the innocents and the flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23)
73B7 daily life in Nazareth
73B8 Holy Family, and derived representations
73B9 story of the twelve years old Christ in Jerusalem (Luke 2:41-52)
73C public life of Christ: from his baptism until the Passion
73C1 story of John the Baptist (Matthew 3; Mark 1:4-11; Luke 3:1-22; John 1:19-34)
73C3 miracles of Christ ~ water
73C4 miracles of Christ ~ healing the sick
73C5 miracles of Christ: raising of the dead
73C6 other miracles of Christ
73C7 Christ as teacher (part I): explaining his doctrine; teaching ~ parables and proverbs
73C8 Christ as teacher (part II): parables and proverbial sayings of Christ
73C9 Christ and prayer
73D Passion of Christ
73D1 prelude to Christ's Passion
73D2 the episode of the Last Supper
73D3 Christ's arrest, trial, and torture
73D4 from Pilate's palace to Golgotha: the procession to Calvary (Matthew 27:31-33; Mark 15:20-22; Luke 23:26-33; John 19:17)
73D5 the crucifixion of Christ: prelude to Christ's death on the cross (Matthew 27:34-44; Mark 15:23-32; Luke 23:33-43; John 19:18-24)
73D6 the crucifixion of Christ: Christ's death on the cross; Golgotha (Matthew 27:45-58; Mark 15:33-45; Luke 23:44-52; John 19:25-38)
73D7 from Christ's deposition to his entombment (Matthew 27:58-66; Mark 15:46-47; Luke 23:53-56; John 19:39-42)
73D8 the instruments of the Passion and the five wounded limbs
73D9 Christ in the underworld, harrowing of hell, Christ in Limbo, 'descensus ad inferos', 'Anastasis'
73E events from Resurrection to Pentecost (Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21; Acts 1:3-11); Mary's and Joseph's death
73E1 Resurrection of Christ
73E2 the empty tomb ~ Resurrection of Christ
73E3 appearances of Christ after the Resurrection
73E4 Christ and his apostles on the Mount of Olives
73E5 Pentecost: the Holy Ghost descends upon (Mary and) the apostles, sometimes Paul and/or representatives of the nations present (Acts 2:1-4)
73E6 the apostles, inspired by the Holy Ghost, address the representatives of the nations ~ Pentecost (Acts 2:5-41)
73E7 Mary's death, assumption and coronation (sometimes some of the 'daughters of the Hebrews' present)
73E8 Joseph's death and coronation
73F lives and acts of the apostles of Christ; epistles
73F1 community of disciples (preaching, healing, etc. in general) (Acts 2:42-47, 4:32 - 5:11)
73F2 lives and acts of the apostles (part I)
73F3 lives and acts of the apostles (part II)
73F4 epistles of the apostles
73G the Revelation of John, the Apocalypse
73G1 Revelation 1-3
73G2 Revelation 4-5
73G3 Revelation 6-11
73G4 Revelation 12-18
73G5 Revelation 19-22
8 Literature
82 literary characters and objects
82A names of literary characters
9 Classical Mythology and Ancient History
92 gods ~ classical mythology
92F lesser divinities of Heaven ~ birth and healing
92F2 (story of) Aesculapius (Asclepius)

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