Scenes from the Bible

  Scenes from the Bible

Photo © Martin Crampin, Imaging the Bible in Wales

View of scenes along the south wall of the nave and the west end of the church.

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about 1865-1878
Series of scenes from the Old and New Testaments covering the walls around the church. The decoration continues into the chancel.

West wall: Jesus blessing the children, Jesus with a child among the disciples. Scenes along the north wall (from the west): God appearing to Adam and Eve, the sacrifice of Isaac, God giving the Ten Commandments, Job visited by his wife, three scenes depicting acts of mercy and the widow's mite. Scenes along the south wall (from the west): The Raising of Lazarus, Jesus saves Peter from drowning, the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment, Jesus welcoming the saved into heaven, Mary Magdalene at the house of Simon the Leper, Jesus washes Peter's feet, the return the the Prodigal Son and the Prodigal Son tending pigs. Either side of the chancel arch are scenes depicting the wise and foolish virgins. Each have biblical texts below.

technique: painting

patron: Henry James and Magaret Bath (family)
artist: Alfred Stansell

Church of the Holy Trinity, Pont-ar-gothi, Carmarthenshire

The murals were probably largely completed by about 1870, but remained unfinished even after the dedication of the church in 1878. In some cases pencil marks can be seen indicating proposed colouring and further detail. The murals were conserved by Lloyd Haslam Conservation in 20067.


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God Appearing to Adam and EveThe Sacrifice of IsaacThe Sacrifice of IsaacGod Giving Moses the Ten CommandmentsJob Visited by his WifeFeeding the HungryVisiting the SickVisiting Those in PrisonThe Widow's MiteThe Raising of LazarusThe Healing of a Woman with an Issue of BloodChrist Welcoming the Saved into HeavenChrist's Feet are Anointed at the House of a PhariseeThe Return of the Prodigal SonThe Prodigal SonChrist Blessing Children Brought by their MothersChrist with a Child Among his DisciplesThe Wise and Foolish Virgins SleepingThe Wise and Foolish Virgins Awaiting the BridegroomChrist Saves Peter from DrowningChrist Washing Peter's Feet

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Further reading

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  Scenes from the Bible

Photo © Martin Crampin, Imaging the Bible in Wales

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