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73F2 lives and acts of the apostles (part I)

73F2111 The appointment of Matthias among the apostles 2 artworks.
73F2121 healing of a lame beggar at the Beautiful Gate of the temple by Peter and John 6 artworks.
73F21212 Peter and John arrested - healing of a lame beggar at the Beautiful Gate of the temple 2 artworks.
73F21261 works of charity of Tabitha: she makes clothes for the poor 15 artworks.
73F21265 Tabitha is raised from the dead by Peter's prayer 3 artworks.
73F2131 Cornelius the Centurion and the angel 2 artworks.
73F2133 Peter's vision of the unclean beasts on the roof of the house of Simon the Tanner: a sheet descends from heaven full of four-footed beasts, creeping things and fowl of the air 1 artwork.
73F2135 Peter in the house of Cornelius: the Holy Ghost descends upon Cornelius and his family, who are baptized by Peter 6 artworks.
73F2144 the angel leads Peter past the sleeping guards - Peter persecuted in Jerusalem 4 artworks.
73F2146 Peter goes to 'the house of Mary the mother of John', where many disciples are gathered (and knocks at the door) 1 artwork.
73F2165 Peter crucified upside down - life and acts of Peter 1 artwork.
73F2212 on the way to Damascus Christ appears to Saul, who falls from his horse and is blinded by the light - the conversion of Paul 5 artworks.
73F2215 Ananias restores Saul's sight by laying on hands 1 artwork.
73F222 disciples let Paul down the wall of the city in a basket 1 artwork.
73F223342 the conversion and baptism of Lydia, a seller of purple - missionary journeys of Paul 1 artwork.
73F223342*A Paul preaching by the riverside - the conversion and baptism of Lydia, a seller of purple (missionary journeys of Paul) 1 artwork.
73F2233447 the warder and his family are baptised by Paul and Silas - missionary journeys of Paul 1 artwork.
73F22335 Paul in Athens: on the Areopagus he discusses with philosophers (in front of the temple of Mars) 8 artworks.
73F223351 Paul in front of the altar of the unknown god 3 artworks.
73F22351*A Paul preaching in Troas (Eutychus sleeping by the window) - third missionary journey of Paul 1 artwork.
73F22369 Paul before Festus, King Agrippa and Queen Bernice 1 artwork.
73F22372 the storm ~ Paul's journey to Rome 1 artwork.
73F223722 the shipwreck on the coast of Malta (Melita) - Paul's journey to Rome 3 artworks.
73F2237231 Paul bitten by a viper (when throwing wood on the fire) - Paul's journey to Rome 2 artworks.
73F223741 Paul preaches and tells his story to Jews while guarded by soldiers - Paul in Rome 1 artwork.
73F2237422 Paul in prison visited by Luke - missionary journeys of Paul 2 artworks.
73F22382 Paul preaching or disputing 7 artworks.
73F2432 on the way to his execution James converts Josias, a constable - life and acts of James the Great (the Elder) 1 artwork.
73F2434 beheading of James - martyrdom and death of James the Great (the Elder) 1 artwork.
73F262 Philip preaching (in Samaria) 1 artwork.
73F2634 Philip baptizes the Eunuch 5 artworks.

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