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73D31 Gethsemane, Mount of Olives 8 artworks.
73D312 Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, 'Oelberg': Christ's prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane during the night 35 artworks.
73D313 Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, 'Oelberg': the kiss of Judas: accompanied by soldiers with torches and lanterns, he kisses Christ 6 artworks.
73D314 the arrest of Christ - Garden of Gethsemane 7 artworks.
73D3141 Peter draws his sword and cuts off Malchus' ear 3 artworks.
73D322 Christ before the Sanhedrin with Caiaphas as high priest, and possibly Annas - trial of Christ 3 artworks.
73D323 Christ before Pontius Pilate - trial of Christ 9 artworks.
73D3233 Pilate washing his hands (in innocence) - trial of Christ 12 artworks.
73D331 Peter denies Christ, usually before a girl-servant and some soldiers 3 artworks.
73D3321 the crowing cock - denial of Peter 6 artworks.
73D34*A repentance of Judas 2 artworks.
73D343 death of Judas: Judas hanging himself 1 artwork.
73D351 flagellation by soldiers, Christ usually tied to a column - tortures of Christ 8 artworks.
73D352 the crowning with thorns: soldiers with sticks place a thorny crown on Christ's head and give him a reed 6 artworks.
73D3521 preparations for Christ's crowning with thorns - tortures of Christ 2 artworks.
73D3522 head of Christ with crown of thorns 4 artworks.
73D3532 Christ is mocked by soldiers in Pilate's palace 10 artworks.
73D36 Pilate showing Christ to the people, 'Ostentatio Christi', 'Ecce Homo' 10 artworks.
73D361 Christ alone - 'Ecce Homo' 3 artworks.

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