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73C4 miracles of Christ - healing the sick 23 artworks.
73C411 Christ healing a blind man at Bethsaida 1 artwork.
73C412 healing of a man born blind: Christ touches his eyes with an 'ointment' of dust and spittle 2 artworks.
73C414 healing of two blind men, or one (Bartimaeus), sitting near Jericho - miracles of Christ 4 artworks.
73C421 sick people lying near the pool of Bethesda - Christ healing paralytics - miracles of Christ 1 artwork.
73C4213 Christ says to a paralytic man: 'Rise, take up your pallet (bed)' - miracles of Christ 2 artworks.
73C4221 a paralytic is let down through the roof of the house where Christ is preaching - miracles of Christ 6 artworks.
73C423 the centurion of Capernaum, kneeling before Christ, begs him to heal his paralytic servant (or son) 7 artworks.
73C431 a Canaanite woman kneels before Christ, asking him to heal her daughter; the metaphor of the dogs and bread - miracles of Christ 2 artworks.
73C435 healing of a lunatic boy - miracles of Christ 3 artworks.
73C452 Christ sends ten lepers to the priest - miracles of Christ 1 artwork.
73C4521 one leper, a Samaritan, sent to the priest by Christ, returns and kneels before him - miracles of Christ 1 artwork.
73C461 healing of Peter's mother-in-law 1 artwork.
73C462 healing of a man with a withered hand - miracles of Christ 1 artwork.
73C464 healing of a woman with an issue of blood: she kneels before Christ after having touched his robe - miracles of Christ 5 artworks.

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