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71M42 Elijah addressing the people on Mount Carmel - Elijah defies the priests of Baal 1 artwork.
71M431 an altar is prepared by the Baal-worshippers and a bull is laid upon it; all the priests' cries, wild dances and self-mutilations are in vain (sacrifice on Mount Carmel) 3 artworks.
71M4321 as Elijah prays, God sends fire which burns up not only his sacrifice but also the altar itself; the people fall prostrate - story of Elijah - Elijah defies the priests of Baal 6 artworks.
71M44 at Elijah's order, the priests of Baal are taken to the brook of Kishon and slain 2 artworks.
71M451 Elijah climbs to the top of Mount Carmel where he bows down to the ground; a servant is sent to look towards the sea to check for rain 1 artwork.
71M452 in a downpour of rain, Ahab returns to Jezreel in his chariot with Elijah running in front of him 1 artwork.

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