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25F animals

25F(+36) shell, snail-shell etc. 5 artworks.
25F2 mammals 24 artworks.
25F23(LION) lion 9 artworks.
25F24(BOAR) boar - hoofed animals 1 artwork.
25F24(CAMEL) camel 1 artwork.
25F24(DEER) hoofed animals: deer 1 artwork.
25F24(STAG) hoofed animals: stag 1 artwork.
25F26(HARE) hare - rodents 2 artworks.
25F26(RABBIT) rabbit - rodents 4 artworks.
25F27(DOLPHIN) swimming mammals: dolphin 1 artwork.
25F27(SEAL) swimming mammals: seal 1 artwork.
25F27(WHALE) swimming mammals: whale 1 artwork.
25F3 birds 46 artworks.
25F33(EAGLE) eagle 5 artworks.
25F34 owl 1 artwork.
25F35(PEACOCK) peacock - ornamental birds 4 artworks.
25F36(PELICAN) Pelican 4 artworks.
25F36(SWAN) water-birds: swan 1 artwork.
25F39(DOVE) dove 53 artworks.
25F4 reptiles 4 artworks.
25F42 snakes 24 artworks.
25F5 amphibians 1 artwork.
25F51(FROG) tailless amphibians: frog 2 artworks.
25F6 fishes 37 artworks.
25F7 lower animals 1 artwork.
25F711(BEE) insects: bee 2 artworks.
25F711(BUTTERFLY) insects: butterfly 12 artworks.
25F711(DRAGONFLY) dragonfly 2 artworks.
25F711(FLY) insects: fly 1 artwork.
25F711(GRASS-HOPPER) insects: grass-hopper 1 artwork.
25F711(LOUSE) insects: louse 1 artwork.
25FF3(PHOENIX) fabulous animals - birds: phoenix 9 artworks.
25FF422 dragon (large fabulous serpent, sometimes with wings and legs) 32 artworks.

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