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11G11 Seraphim 27 artworks.
11G18 the seven Archangels 1 artwork.
11G181 group of four Archangels 3 artworks.
11G182 group of three canonical Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael 6 artworks.
11G183 the Archangel Michael 79 artworks.
11G184 the Archangel Gabriel 34 artworks.
11G185 the Archangel Raphael 16 artworks.
11G186(BARACHIEL) other archangels than Michael, Gabriel and Raphael: Barachiel 1 artwork.
11G186(JEHUDIEL) other archangels than Michael, Gabriel and Raphael: Jehudiel 1 artwork.
11G186(URIEL) other archangels than Michael, Gabriel and Raphael: Uriel 5 artworks.

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